December 2020 Release Notes

We work hard to make sure our features are constantly improving to make running your business easier and more efficient. This page includes the latest new features and product improvements, released in December 2020.



1099 NEC

For this coming tax season the IRS has introduced the 1099 NEC form. This form will be used to report non employee compensation which was previously reported using box 7 on the 1099-MISC form.

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Coming Soon: Automated Bill Approval Requests

We’re making it easier for you to request, record, and track approvals on invoices — all from within Buildium. As a staff member, you’ll be able to:

  • Record approvals you’ve already received for an invoice
  • Send approval requests to one or more board members
  • Get notified when a bill has been approved or rejected
  • Board members can review and respond to bill approval requests, and access a log of approvals by status from the Resident Center.

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Removal Of Renters Insurance For Draft Lease

Based on usage data, and always striving to provide clients efficient workflows, we have decided to remove the feature Renters Insurance For Draft Lease.

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Rental Listings in Open API

We’ve enabled rental listings in the Open API to help you expand your reach and give you more choice on where you list your vacant units. Available in our Premium plan, the Open API gives you access to your data within Buildium and allows you to link it to other outside tools and applications you use to run your business. Some examples of how you can use the new rental listings capabilities include:

  • Retrieving all your current listings and publishing to a listing site outside of the ones offered in Buildium
  • Retrieving leases ending soon on a scheduled basis, creating listings, and publishing to your public Buildium website and to other listing sites

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BETA Include Email comms preferences 

Be the first to try our new email and mailing preferences for resident statements. With this feature we want to provide you the option to apply your resident's preferences to mailings.


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App shortcuts 


With this release we are Introducing quick actions to the Manager mobile app. Now you can quickly access home screen app shortcuts on both iOS and Android devices.

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Resident Reminders

Our new resident reminder functionality in Buildium is designed to help you enable residents to use the services you offer them while taking the manual work off of your plate. 

We have released two new automated resident reminders. One will prompt your residents to create their Resident Center account, the other will remind residents who are enabled for ePay to make payments online. 

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