When utilizing the auto bank reconciliation feature in Buildium there sometimes is an interruption with the banking link which will require you to relink your bank account. Below are the recommended steps you should take to correct this issue.


Navigate to the "Matches" or "Cleared" page under the "Reconciliations" tab of your Bank account in Buildium:

  1. Click "Edit settings"
  2. Click "Unlink account" (screenshot below). You'll then see a pop-up window where you can confirm by clicking "Unlink".




After unlinking, click the "Link Account" button on the "Reconciliations" page and select "Link to Another Bank" from the dropdown list instead of your listed [BANK NAME] account (screenshotbelow).




Then search for your bank in the "Add Accounts" pop-up window (Screenshot below).mceclip2.png


Once you've located your bank, enter your login credentials and click "Add"; then you may need to answer a security question or enter a temporary password your bank sends you. The system may take some time to establish a connection to your account, once that process is completed click "Close". 

Once you click "Close", the "Choose which account you'd like to link to your Buildium bank account" dropdown menu should appear again, IMPORTANT: type in the last 4 of the account to select the last instance (lowest down the list) of your bank account (screenshot below). Your account should then link successfully and download your transactions.




NOTE:These recommended steps may not resolve your issue and if so please reach out to our Customer Care Team

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