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As managers of Homeowners & Community Associations, we know you need a way to track important Association performance metrics that inform both your staff and Association board members. Now with the Associations Performance dashboard, you will have the support of metrics and data visualizations to easily relay important information to board members in a professional, concise and easy to consume format without a lot of manual effort.
With the Associations Performance dashboard you gain a better understanding of the performance of your business through valuable metrics specific to the associations you manage, including operating and reserve bank balances over time, receivables analysis, time to resolve for violations and much more - all available at a glance through easy to consume visualizations that can be shared with staff and board members. 

Note: The Associations Performance dashboard is available in the Growth and Premium plans. 


Metrics and analyses include: 

Bank Account Balance (operating & reserve) over time

This metric will show you the balance in each operating and reserve bank account overtime. During our research, many of you told us that you track cash flow in the association’s operating and reserve bank accounts on a regular basis. You need to keep an eye on these balances to help identify if more cash is needed (special assessment charges, budget adjustments, etc). This metric helps keep you informed on the financial health of the association.

Today, customers rely on the cash flow statement or balance sheet to understand their bank balances. The balance sheet only gives a snapshot of the balance at one point in time rather than a look at the running balance overtime. The cash flow statement has a lot of detail and can be difficult to understand if someone is not familiar with this type of report.

This new analysis provides you and your clients a simplistic view of your cash balances overtime so you can quickly and easily identify low balances and take appropriate action.


The drill down for this metric will show the beginning balance, ending balance and change in cash during the selected month for each bank account visible in the graph.




Receivables by general ledger account 

This metric will show the you the account receivable balance (money that is still owed to you) split by general ledger account. This metric provides insight into what exactly is owed to you from your residents. You've mentioned that it’s imperative to see exactly what is owed to you at any given time. The action you take will vary if outstanding receivables are from association dues versus special assessment or violation fees - so we want to give you an easy way to identify where those outstanding receivables are due from and how much is due.

The drill down for this metric will show the property, general ledger account name and balance as of the selected month end.

Association owner occupancy

This metric will provide insight into owner occupancy within each association you manage. It will show the percentage of owners that occupy compared to the percentage that are renting out their homes. We will show both the percentage and absolute value when hovering over the graph.


The drill down for this metric will show the property, unit, owner names, purchase date, association tenants (if applicable), and the occupancy status. This metric will include owners that owned the home during the selected date range.



Violation time to resolve 

During our research many of our customers provided feedback that tracking violations is a big operational task and they want to ensure issues are being resolved by their staff in a timely manner. 

This metric will show the average time in days a violation remains in open status. The violation will appear in this metric once it has been resolved. We will then determine the number of days between the customer-entered violation date and the date it was resolved in Buildium.


The drill down for this metric will show the association, owner names, violation date, resolution date and the time to resolution in days.



Income & expense budget vs actual

These metrics will help you track your actual income and expenses against your budget. We heard feedback that our current budget vs actual report is too difficult to read through for most of your board members and requires you to dig through the numbers to provide the board of directors with more useful information (ie. "we were well over our expense budget in July due to unforeseen pool maintenance").

This metric will help you identify problems at a glance and dig in to see more detail.


The drill down for this metric will show the budget and actuals by general ledger account and list the account name, actual balance, budgeted amount, the difference between the budget and actual as a dollar amount and percentage.


Total units under management 

Note: Total units under management can be found under the "Company Revenue" section of the Analytics Hub.

This single value metric will provide you with insight into the number of units under management. The system will use the created date to determine the number of units show during the selected date range. For an example, if you started managing a new 100 unit association in 2020, you will not see these units under management when searching in 2019.

  • Note: For new customers, all properties will have a created date based on when the property was created in Buildium. 

The unit count will respect the property selected in the Company revenue dashboard filters at the top of the page.


The drill down for this metric will include the following details



Active users by user role

Note: Active users by user role can be found under the "Company Revenue" section of the Analytics Hub.

This metric will provide you with insight into the total number of active staff users by role. This will help you understand how many users have access to your account. It is best practice to limit the number of admin users on an account to ensure the account is as secure as possible with good internal controls in order to prevent employee fraud. 


The drill down for this metric will include the following details




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