Making property groups available to other staff members

With our latest update, new property groups will now be made public by default and accessible across your organization! Sharing groups publicly will not only save you time, but ensure accuracy, with the reassurance that every user is looking at the same list of properties and information within each group. 

Note: Starting 10/20/20 all existing property groups will be defaulted to “private” to ensure that you have the option to choose which of your current property groups are shared publicly or remain visible to only you. 

We’ve created a new page dedicated to managing property groups, where you can add new property groups, edit existing groups or delete groups. You can find the page by navigating to properties or associations page and clicking property groups. 

You also now have the ability to add groups that were created by other users to your “Favorites” tab on the property groups page. This will allow you to access those groups throughout the application and workflows where you currently use groups in Buildium (i.e. running reports, sending emails, filtering grids, etc.). 



Edit an existing property group: 

To edit an existing group, navigate to rentals >> properties, or associations >> associations, and click property groups. 

Note: only the creator of a group can edit and make changes to that group

From the property groups page find the group you want to change, and click edit from the drop down menu at the right. 

On the edit screen, you can change the name and the description of the property group and add or delete properties tied to that group.


Privacy settings for property groups: 

You can now choose to make a group private, or to make it public and visible with other members of your staff. 

From the property groups page, staff will be able to see all public groups available to them and add them to their list of favorites for easy access. 

All existing groups that were created prior to the 10/10/20 update have been defaulted to private, giving you the option to decide which groups are made available to the rest of your staff. 

To change the privacy settings for a group:

  1. Navigate to rentals >> properties or associations >> associations >> and click property groups. 
  2. From the property groups page find the group you want to make public, and click edit from the drop down menu at the right. 
  3. At the bottom of the edit screen, uncheck the box next to “make my group private”. Then click save. 

The property group will now be visible to other members of your organization. 

Please note: once a property group has been made public, it cannot be made private in the future as it will be in use by other staff members.

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