Improvements to the Rental Application

As part of our commitment to providing you with the best experience when using Buildium, we’re making several improvements to the rental application. These updates are designed to help you get more applicant leads through your funnel and give you more flexibility across the property types you manage. The specific changes include:

Visual Enhancements

We’ve improved the look and feel of the rental application to include: 

  • Better mobile responsiveness 
  • Updated field labels and ability for applicants to type ahead in dropdown fields

The functionality for you and your staff to set up and customize the application will not change. 

Search and Select Units from the Application

We're testing the ability for applicants to search for and select the listings they’re interested in from the application. This will create a reliable way for you to know which unit a prospective tenant is interested in and make processing applications more efficient. Applicants who don’t have a specific unit in mind will be able to indicate that they’re submitting a general application. 

Charge Custom Application Fees

As your portfolio grows, so does your need for flexibility. That’s why we’re giving you the ability to charge custom application fees. Opt in to test-drive our beta before anyone else where you can:

  • Set a global fee for general applications
  • Charge applicants a specific fee based on their desired property
  • View and manage payment methods and banking from one page

Learn more to start customizing your application fees by property today.

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