June-July 2020 Release Notes

A few weeks ago, we launched new subscription plans that are designed to grow with you, as your business grows. But while we are excited about those new plans, we also want to continue to invest in providing you with new functionality and experience improvements to help you better manage your business with the plan you are on now.

Below are the latest new features, product improvements, and major bug fixes for the months of June and July 2020:

Web Accessibility Solution for the Public Website

We’ve automatically upgraded your public website to be compliant with the latest web accessibility standards, ensuring that you’re providing an enhanced and inclusive experience for all users.

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File Management Improvements

Were excited to bring you a big update to our file management system. With this latest revamp, uploading, organizing, finding, and sharing files is easier and faster than ever before. Highlights include:

  • A new dedicated files tab for all record and summary pages like rental owners, associations, and tenants pages where you can filter and search for specific files without endlessly scrolling to find what you need. 
  • Save time by using the global search tool in Buildium to find a file by name.
  • And now, you can automatically notify residents, owners and vendors when a file is shared with them in their resident center or portal, cutting down on back-and-forth and saving you time.

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Bulk Updates to Unit Details & Market Rent

Updating market rent and listing details just became a whole lot easier. We’ve added the ability to update unit details in bulk per property, including market rent, unit size, number of bedrooms and number of bathrooms. 

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Enhancements to Late Fee Policies

We’ve made an adjustment to late fee policies which will decrease the allowable minimum late fee percentage to 0.0001%. which should allow you to input just about any late fee percentage necessary. 

The change will be made on the Global Late Fee Policy page as well as the Property Level (Rentals and Associations) and Lease Level Late Fee Policy pages.

Updates to Premium Tenant Screening

Effective July 8, 2020, Premium Tenant Screenings no longer involve a hard credit inquiry for applicants. This change by TransUnion will not impact data in any requested reports or the way recommendations are provided. 

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Batched Reporting Updates

If you manage community associations, you now have the ability to include Violation Reports to the batched reports flow.

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