Updating market rent and listing details just became a whole lot easier. We’ve added the ability to update unit details in bulk per property, including market rent, unit size, number of bedrooms and number of bathrooms. 

To update unit details in bulk, navigate to the properties page and click "update unit details" 

The update unit details page will open and allows you to filter down to the units that you would like to update. You can filter from properties, number of bedrooms & bathrooms and size.


After filtering, select all of the units that you would like to update and select "edit unit details" from the blue bulk actions bar at the top. 

From the edit unit details modal, you can choose to edit and update the following in bulk: 

  • Market Rent
  • Unit size 
  • Number of bedrooms 
  • Number of bathrooms 


You can choose to update market rent by increasing or decreasing by a set dollar amount or percentage, or simply set a new flat amount. 

Applying the changes will implement the new changes to all of the previously selected units. 



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