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The philosophy is simple. As your company grows, you need different things from your technology partner to best serve your residents and clients. When you choose our Premium plan you get access to Buildium Rewards and can save an additional 15% off your annual software subscription starting after your first 12 months. 


How does the Buildium Rewards program work?

The Buildium Rewards program is designed to give you substantial discounts just based on your residents’ usage of services you provide them through Buildium. When 30% of your active leases make credit card payments over $100 and purchase a renters insurance policy through your Resident Center, you receive 15% off your annual subscription. 


30% usage must be maintained for 6 out of 12 consecutive or nonconsecutive months of your annual subscription. A unit is considered active if it has at least one active lease. Total active leases at the start of each month will be used as the basis for that month.

How do I participate in the Buildium Rewards program? 

The Buildium Rewards program is available only with our new Premium plan. You can learn more about the new plans and make the switch at any time from the learn more page in your Buildium account. Or call 617-219-9608 to talk to one of our Buildium Consultants to get more information about the new plans and how to upgrade.

How can I view my progress towards the discount? 

With the Buildium Rewards usage report, you can easily keep track of your progress towards earring your Buildium Rewards discount. 

The report gives you a breakdown of credit card and renters insurance adoption across your active leases, month by month.



Credit Card Payments: 

See the number of leased units with credit card payments that meet the criteria and quickly reference the adoption rate across active leases.

Renters Insurance: 

View the number of active leases with Renters Insurance powered by MSI policies and the adoption rate across active leases.  

The report can also be exported and shared with other members of your staff. 

Note: If a user has limited property access within Buildium, they will only be able to see the totals for those properties in the usage report. 


When will the discount be applied?

The discount will be applied after your first 12 months and each year thereafter if you continue to maintain the usage requirements: 30% of your active leases make credit card payments over $100 and purchase a renters insurance policy through your Resident Center for 6 out of 12 months of your annual subscription.


When do you start calculating usage for each resident service?

Usage tracking begins on the 1st of the month after your subscription begins. 


How is an active lease defined?

A lease who’s end date is after the snapshot on 1st of the month. We want to look at dates and not lease statuses. 

  • If a lease is extended or ended and backdated, we will not capture that because we are taking a snapshot at the first of the month. 
  • At-will leases will be considered leased.
  • By not using active units, it provides a more accurate assessment of usage.
  • Renters insurance usage will also be assessed using a snapshot. A lease will be counted for Renters Insurance as long as one of the tenants listed on the lease has an MSI Renters Insurance policy. 

Why don’t you include EFT payments and why don’t third party insurance policies count? 

This is, effectively, a revenue-sharing reward on fees incurred by your residents using resident services. Since Buildium already covers your EFT fees and there is no transaction fee for tracking 3rd party insurance policies, that means there’s no revenue to be shared back with you for EFT payments and third party policies. Still, those credit card fees and insurance policies purchased through Buildium are a direct result of your efforts, bringing your residents transactions online, and, as we continue to figure out ways to partner with you, that was an obvious place to start. 

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