Analtyics Hub - Leasing Performance

Leasing performance Analytics & Insights (Available in Premium plan) 

Take a deep dive into your company’s leasing performance and get a clear picture of turnover rates, vacancy losses and market rent analysis and more.


Vacancy Rate

The Vacancy rate metric will show your vacancy rate over time as a percentage. Keeping your units filled and your vacancy rate as low as possible is the best way to guarantee revenue for you and your clients. This analysis will give you an easy way to track your vacancy rate over time. 

  • How his it calculated: Vacancy rate = total vacant units / total units * 100
  • Days vacant / total days in the selected date range
  • A Vacant unit is defined as - unit where there is there is no active lease for 1 or more days during the selected timeframe 
  • When a lease is fixed with rollover, it will be considered vacant after the fix term end date. This follows existing logic in Buildium (ex: on a future dated rent roll report) 



Leasing Activity 

The Leasing activity metrics will show statistics for the following: 

  • Number of move outs during the specified date range
  • Number of move ins during the specified date range
  • Number of renewals during the specified date range 
  • Number of notices given during the specified date range



Renewal/Turnover Rate

The Renewal/Turnover rate metrics will show statistics of the following 

  • Turnover rate= total leases ended / total leases set to end within specified date range 
  • Renewal rate= total leases renewed / total leases set to end within specified date range



Market Rent Analysis 

The Market rent metrics will show statistics for the following 

  • Gross potential rent = total market rent for all leased and vacant rental units in you portfolio 
  • Potential rent = total market rent for all the leased units during the time they are occupied 
  • Gain/Loss to lease = Gain or loss to revenue calculated by taking the actual rent and subtracting the market rent 
  • Loss to vacancy = total market rent for all the vacant units during the time they are vacant 



Leasing Insights

Peer group comparisons are based off

Company Location: zip code by city, state, region

Property sub types:

  • Residential single-family
  • Residential multi-family < 4 units (sparse)
  • Residential multi-family > 4 units (dense)
  • Commercial
  • Mixed

The % will pull from data as of "today"

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