ePay Analytics & Insights (Available in Growth and Premium plans) allows you to spot trends, set goals, and find out how your residents and clients are using ePay. Get an in depth look at all payment methods used, delinquency rates, and more.


Payment Methods

The Payment methods metric is a stacked bar chart showing the total payment amounts received from residents (tenants and/or association owners) overtime with a breakdown by payment method. The payment methods include both Buildium ePay (EFT & CC) and all other manual payment methods found on the receive payment page. 


You can drill into the data for this metric and see the following information 

  • Property 
  • Unit 
  • Resident name 
  • Payment method 
  • Payment date 
  • Payment amount 

This metric will only pull data from collected payments from residents. It will not show reversed payments or credits. Pending EFTs and CC transactions are included in this metric. 

Note: To see where we are pulling these metrics from, reference the income statement detail with payment methods showing. 



Payment Amounts 

The ePayment Activity section will show ePay related statistics including 

  • Total amount of CC ePayments processed & convenience fees 
  • Total amount of EFT ePayments processed & convenience fees 

This stat card will pull incoming payments from tenants, association owners, rental applicants and rental owners.

  • This metric will only pull data for the selected date range.  

To see where we are pulling these numbers from, reference the ePay activity report and/or search convenience fee income account on the general ledger page


You can drill down into the data for these metrics to see Resident EFT & Credit Card payments as well as CC and EFT Convenience fees: 




Delinquency Rate

The Delinquency rate metric will show on-time vs delinquent/late accounts over time. This metric give you your delinquency rate as a percentage by month. For this metric we look at the due date for each resident's account. If the balance is 0 or less than 0, then they will be considered on-time. If the resident's balance is > 0 on the payment due date, then they will be considered delinquent or late. 

  • We are not able to tell if a particular charge is past due or paid so delinquency is based on the ledger balance on the due date only. 
  • We will pull data from all resident accounts (past, active and future) 
  • We are assuming all due dates are monthly (may not be accurate for some Associations that charge quarterly or annually) 


Data drill down: 


Recurring Payments

The Recurring CC/EFT payments metrics will show the percentage of active resident accounts that have at least one EFT or CC recurring payment set. This will give you insight into how many of your residents are opting to setup a recurring ePayment. 

  • How is it calculated? (The number of accounts with at least one recurring payment - total number of leases /ownership accounts active at that time) * 100
  • We will look at active resident accounts only for this metric 

This metric will pull data showing 

  • Accounts with a scheduled EFT payment 
  • Accounts with a scheduled CC payment 
  • Account with no recurring payment set 

Note: Scheduled one time payments are excluded from this metric



ePay Insights 

We are showing you insights for epay by looking at the following data: 

  • % of payments collected by EFT and CC
  • % of accounts that have a balance after the due date
  • These metrics will be pulled from "Today"
  • Peer group comparison is based on company zip code and property types (rental single family, rental <4 units, rental >4 units, commercial, associations, mixed 


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