Web Accessibility Solution for Public Website

We’re excited to announce improvements to the public website! With this new feature, your public website is automatically upgraded at no cost to you to ensure compliance with web accessibility standards and provide an enhanced and inclusive experience for all users.

The solution, powered by AccessiBe, makes online content accessible to users with visual, auditory, motor, or cognitive impairments, and who have to navigate online resources with assistive technologies. 

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How AccessiBe works

Achieving compliance with this solution

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How does AccessiBe work?

There are two main components to AccessiBe:

  • An artificial intelligence-based (AI) application that scans and analyzes your public website and Resident Center automatically every 24 hours, and makes adjustments to ensure that they are compliant at all times. These adjustments are made completely behind the scenes with no downtime.
  • An Accessibility Interface that allows site visitors to adjust content, color and display, and navigation settings to meet their individual needs. Users can click on the accessibility icon at the bottom right-hand corner of their screens to open the interface. 


Achieving Compliance

With AccessiBe, the public site is automatically compliant with the latest standards under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). The solution requires no work on your end and includes:

  • Daily compliance monitoring to scan and fix any accessibility issues without affecting the design or performance of your sites
  • Accessibility statement available through the Accessibility Interface
  • Monthly compliance audit report sent to Buildium

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Site Experience

Visitors to your public website will see and can click on an accessibility icon toward the bottom-right of their screens to display the Accessibility Interface. In the interface, users can make the following adjustments to personalize their experience: 

  • Content adjustments for a readable experience including font, font size, and spacing
  • Color and display adjustments for a visually pleasing experience including brightness, background color, and text color 
  • Navigation adjustments for easy orientation including muting sounds and images, and keyboard navigation 

The Accessibility Interface gives users access to an on-screen keyboard, online dictionary, and 12 built-in languages. The languages translate just the content in the Accessibility Interface and not the whole site. Site visitors will also be able to stop animations, GIFs, and flashing images. All adjustments are only visible and applied to a user’s specific browsing session.

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