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Resident Center Analytics & Insights (Available in Growth and Premium Plans) 

Review Resident Center activity and learn about new ways to encourage adoption. Track sign-in rates, engagement with announcements, incoming requests over time and more.

Resident Center Adoption

The Resident Center Adoption metric provides a snapshot and the percentage of residents who

  • Do not have a primary email saved to their profile in Buildium or have never been invited to the Resident Center
  • Have never logged into the Resident Center
  • are active and have logged into the Resident Center at least once 

mceclip0.pngYou are able to drill into the data used from the Resident Center Adoption metric. You will see

  • the property name 
  • unit 
  • resident names 
  • email address 
  • last log in date 
  • first log in date 
  • account status (active, never logged in, no email) 




Resident Center Activity 

The Resident Center Activity block provides a snapshot of activity in the Resident Center. These metrics will help you understand the value you and your residents are getting out of the resident center. 

Here you can find:  

  • total number of ePayments processed (both EFT & CC)
  • total number of resident requests submitted
  • total number of announcements viewed (Viewed on the portal only)
  • total number of documents downloaded (Downloaded in the portal only. This will not pull in data if the resident viewed the file with the file previewer) 

 You have the ability to drill down into the data for total number of payments processed, resident requests submitted, announcements viewed and documents downloaded: 


Resident Center Sign-ins 

The Resident Center Sign-ins metric gives you insight into how many residents are logging into the Resident Center over time. This is a way to track both adoption and engagement overtime. You can also drill down into the data to see individual resident center sign-ins




Resident Center Accounts Created

The Resident Center accounts created metric will show the number of new Resident Center accounts created over time by month. This will help PMCs understand how many new tenants and/or association owners they have using the portal. You have the ability to drill down into the data to see individual accounts created. 


Resident Center Insights 

We calculate and compare the resident center adoption rate of property managers in your peer group by looking at Buildium customers with similar portfolio types and unit count. 


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