Introducing powerful analytics and actionable insights to help you take your business to the next level. 

We know that it can be difficult to find and understand all of the data that’s required to assess company performance and know what decisions to make to optimize growth. That’s why we created the Analytics Hub - to make it easy for you to get a crystal clear understanding of your business with real-time analytics in easy to consume visualizations that are easy to share with clients and staff members.

The Analytics Hub is a central place in Buildium where you’ll be able to see past and current views of resident activity, payments data, leasing performance, and even company revenue - accompanied by clear, actionable insights that will help you make better business decisions and impact growth.


What's in the Analytics Hub? 

Resident Center Usage (Available in Growth and Premium plans) 

  • Review Resident Center activity and learn about new ways to encourage adoption. Track sign-in rates, engagement with announcements, incoming requests over time and more.
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ePay Adoption (Available in Growth and Premium plans) 

  • Spot trends, set goals, and find out how your residents and clients are using ePay. Get an in depth look at all payment methods used, delinquency rates, and more.
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Leasing performance (Available in Premium plan) 

  • Take a deep dive into your company’s leasing performance and get a clear picture of turnover rates, vacancy losses and market rent analysis and more.
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Company Revenue (Available in Premium plan) 

  • Analyze management income sources and management fees collected over time to get a crystal clear picture of your bottom line.
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Please Note

  • Updates to the account (new properties, leases, move in/out, renewals, ePay, etc) can take up to 24 hours to update the data in the Analytics Hub
  • 3rd party cookies must be unblocked for the Analytics Hub to load

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