We're still working hard (from home) to make sure our features are constantly improving to make running your business easier and more efficient. This page includes the latest new features, product improvements, and major bug fixes for the month of May 2020:

Ownership Percentages

We’ve added the ability for you to designate ownership percentages for your rental properties, making it easier for you to pay out owners. With this update, you’ll now be able to:

  • Adjust ownership percentages for existing and new properties
  • Automatically calculate owner draw amounts based on percentages
  • Save time when preparing 1099-MISC tax forms

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Renters insurance updates: 

We are continuing to build on our renters insurance offering powered by MSI to bring you and your residents even better protection and a simple, straightforward experience.

Water Backup coverage:

Water backup coverage is one of the most requested additional coverages nationwide. That's why we are now including water backup coverage by default for all policies as of May 19th 2020. 

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Additional insured:

Now your residents can easily add roommates or a spouse to renters insurance policies during the policy purchasing flow. This makes it easy for roommates to get covered and split the cost of the premium and allows residents to add a spouse free of charge. 

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Mobile improvements:

In our continued effort to provide on-the-go access to the most crucial pieces of information in your account, we have made some updates and improvements to the Outstanding Balances page in the Manager Mobile App.

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Performance improvements:

In order to improve performance within the Buildium platform and make future improvements possible, we are working on moving a number of pages to a more modern code base. This is part of an ongoing project that will be reflected in changes to various pages in Buildium over the next few months. 

What does that mean? 

In short, we are making things faster and easier to use!

You may notice some small changes in layout as part of this project on the following pages this month: 

  • Collect Management Fees
  • Rental Application Settings

Other pages in Buildium will also be updated this month, but the changes to those pages will be primarily on the back end and you should see no differences.

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