How do tenants add additional insured

Residents can choose to add additional insured people to their renters insurance policy during the checkout flow in the Resident Center. Tenants may want to add a spouse or roommate to their policy to get everyone in their unit covered under the same policy and reduce the premium cost per person. 

Note: A spouse can be added to a policy at no extra cost. Additional roommates will increase the policy premium by a small amount depending on the number of roommates added. A limit of 7 additional insured residents can be added into a policy. Meaning a total of 8 residents on a policy.

To add an additional insured to a policy, tenants can select the number of additional people they would like to add to the policy from the policy details page. 



On the personal information page, residents can first choose a spouse if applicable. The spouse will be added at no extra cost. 

From the additional insured section, residents can select additional insured from the list of current tenants listed in their unit. They can also select to manually add someone who may not be listed in the unit in Builidium and enter their information. 


Note: It is not currently possible to add additional insured through the resident center after a policy has already been purchased. Tenants can still add additional insured by calling the MSI renters insurance support number listed in the Resident Center. 

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