Configure default lease renewal offers

Now renewals are even easier. As part of our continued effort to simplify the renewals process, we have created a default lease renewal setting that can save you time by allowing you to set a standard renewal offer so that you do not have to manually enter an offer for each lease before sending the offer to the tenant via mail or email. 

We will also allow you to automatically calculate the offered rent amounts by setting the default to increase rent by a flat rate, increase by a percentage or use the market rent value entered for the unit. 


To set a default lease renewal offer, navigate to Application settings and select "Configure default lease renewal offer". 



On the "Configure default offers" screen you can set the default lease type and rent increase that will be used when creating an offer. 


For each offer you can select: 

  • Lease type (Fixed, at will)
  • Lease duration 
  • Rent increase method 
  • Percent rounding 
    • When increasing by a percent, select whether you would like to round up or down to the nearest dollar. 


For more on lease renewals, check out this article. 


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