Navigation Updates for Resident Center and Text Messages

We are making some changes to how you navigate and use the Communications menu including improvements to how you manage Resident Center users and text message accounts. 

Communications Menu: 

mceclip0.pngYou may have noticed a “moving soon” message in the communications drop down menu. We are going to consolidate this menu to make it less cluttered. We will be moving Resident Center users, Resident Center Contact Directory, and Resident Center community discussions under the Resident Center settings page in order to create a central location where you can manage all things related to the Resident Center. 


Tenants page and Association owners and tenants page: 

We are also adding in a new status on the tenants and association owners and tenants pages where you will easily be able to reference the Resident Center status and text message status for each tenant and Association owner tenant. mceclip3.png

Resident Center Users page and Text Message Accounts Page:

The resident Center Users page and text message accounts page will also be updated with new statuses showing whether or not users have been given access to the Resident Center or if they have been invited via the welcome email. We’re also making it easier to take actions in bulk from this page like inviting multiple tenants to use the Resident Center. 


Option to not send welcome email has been removed

We have also removed the option not to send a welcome email when creating a new Resident Center account. We found this option was creating confusion for some customers and as a welcome email is required for residents to access their resident center account, there is no longer a reason to prevent this email from being sent when creating the new user account.

With this change, every time you create a Resident Center account for a resident, we'll send them a welcome email that will give them access to the resident center. 



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