Announcement: Bill split screen view

Buildium users enter nearly 4 million bills every year. We decided it’s time to make it easier! Now with split-screen view you can get bills into the system faster and easier, so you can focus attention where it matters most. mceclip0.png

Invoice on the left. Entry form on the right. Everything you need–on a single screen.


This new view will help you and your staff managers who manage accounts payable speed up the process of recording bill data and ensuring accuracy by having the invoice available along side the bill entry form while entering the data. 

To use the split screen view for bill entry, navigate to Accounting >> Bills >> Record Bill 

You can upload a new invoice file or select an invoice you have previously uploaded to view. 

Use the arrow on the left of the record bill form or the "Show attachment" and "Hide attachment" buttons to open and close the split screen view. 


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