New Monthly setting for resident reminders

We’ve updated the settings for renters insurance resident reminders to give you more flexibility to choose how often your residents get reminders for renters insurance. 

The new setting will allow you to change the reminder email from sending weekly, to monthly. The default setting is to remind your residents on a weekly basis. To change the setting: 

  • Navigate to Communication > Resident site settings > Value-add services: Renters insurance
  • Under "Follow-up emails", choose "Remind residents monthly" 


Don't forget you can customize the reminder email! 

The resident reminder email for renters insurance can be customized to match your brand and compliance messaging to stay consistent with how you talk to your residents about renters insurance. 

To customize the resident reminder email template, navigate to:

  • Communication >> Mailing & Email Templates >> Missing renters insurance email 


Learn more about resident reminders 

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