Water back up coverage for Maryland Residents

As of 12/1, residents in Maryland now have the option to include water backup coverage when purchasing a policy through Renters Insurance powered by MSI.*

*This will only be available if you have renters insurance turned on in your resident site.

What is water back up protection?
If a drain, sewer, or sump pump backs up and causes flooding, policy holders would be covered. Water backup protection would cover personal property losses and emergency living expenses determined by the amount of personal property coverage selected by the resident.

The option to include water backup coverage is consistent with Maryland regulations and requirements for renters insurance policies. 



Note: the “personal property losses up to” amount is pulled from the personal property coverage amount that the resident selects when purchasing the policy - 10K/20K/30K. The emergency living expenses coverage for this amount is 20% of the personal property coverage amount ($2,000 for $10k, $4,000 for $20k, $6,000 for $30k)

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