We know that when you’re searching for information, you need it now, so we’ve made some big changes to our search tool to get you more results, faster. 

We are very excited to announce a new way to search and navigate in Buildium with our new global search tool. 



A bigger, more focused search area: Now when you click search you will be presented with a larger search area that will display more information in an easy-to-use layout. 

More results page: Queries will now provide you with more search results. You will be able to find everything related to your search in one place by clicking “View all”. Results will be broken down by category.


More things to search for: All the current items you could search by are here to stay, but per your feedback, we’ve also added additional items! You can now search for vehicles, association tenants and violations. You can also view recent search history to quickly find and get back to things you searched for in the past.


Categories: We’ve added categories to help you get more specific results in your search. Now you can search and filter by: 

  • Applicants
  • Association owners
  • Association tenants
  • Associations
  • Files
  • Listings
  • Rental owners
  • Rental properties
  • Tasks
  • Tenants
  • Transactions
  • Units
  • Vehicles
  • Vendors
  • Violations

Note: For now, transaction search is limited to Bills and Vendor refunds only. 

For new categories and search queries, what can I use to search?

Transactions (bills and vendor refunds)

  • Dollar amounts


  • Make
  • Model
  • License plate


  • Subject
  • Number

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