October 2019 Release notes 

We work hard to make sure our features are constantly improving to help make running your business easier and more efficient. This page includes the latest new features, product improvements, and major bug fixes for the month of October, 2019.

Resident Center updates:

Mobile Updates: 

Resident Credits in bulk 

Renters Insurance updates & beta 


Resident Center Updates:

Payment warnings for residents

In order to mitigate duplicate or accidental payments by residents, we have introduced a new payment warning for residents. When a resident already has a scheduled payment pending and attempts to make any additional payment, they will receive a pop up message in the resident center, both on the mobile app and the desktop site, warning them that they already have a payment in place and asking them if they would like to proceed with making the payment. 


Resident payment reminders: 

In order to mitigate duplicate or accidental payments by Residents, we have introduced a new payment reminder email for residents. Now residents will receive an email 2 days before their scheduled payment date letting them know that they have an upcoming scheduled payment and can edit that payment from their resident center mobile app or desktop site. 

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Permission to enter

We heard your feedback that in some cases including a permission to enter question on maintenance requests can cause confusion for both residents and property managers. Especially when some leases contain language that states permission to enter is not necessary. To help avoid any confusion we are now giving you the ability to hide the permission to enter questions on the request form. This change applies only to the desktop resident site at this time. 

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 Customize emergency contact information:

We heard your feedback that you would like the ability to either hide or edit the “in case of emergency” language on the resident center request form for residents. You you’ll get full control over this and will be able to toggle it off altogether or customize the language. This change applies only to the desktop resident site at this time.

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 (Coming 10/24) Tenant and Association owner Welcome email updates 

To improve security and provide you with a more branded and professional looking first impression for your residents, we've made some great improvements to the welcome email for tenants and association owners. Updates include 

  • Improved security with password reset links
  • Improved branding to better match your company 
  • Updated messaging

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Manager Mobile app updates: 


Improved security with Biometrics

In an effort to continue to keep your data as secure as possible, we are introducing the ability to use biometrics to verify your identity before accessing your account through the manager mobile app. This will give you the option to use Face ID or Touch ID on iOS devices and Fingerprint on Android devices. 

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Resident Credits in Bulk 

We’re excited to announce that Buildium now has a bulk credits tool that can apply credits on multiple resident ledgers at one time.

This tool is great for common area maintenance (CAM) reconciliation for multi-unit apartment buildings and commercial properties. 

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Renters Insurance updates and beta test: 


Daily summary emails for renters insurance 

To make it easier for you to keep track of changes regarding renters insurance policies, we are introducing daily summary emails for renters insurance. All recent policy updates in the system will be delivered to you via a daily summary email. Updates will include new policies created, expired or cancelled policies and changes to coverage. 

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Resident Reminders Beta test 

We know trying to get your residents to comply with a requirement to have renters insurance coverage can be nearly impossible and take up valuable time chasing people down. So to save you the headache and save you time, we’re automating that process for you with new automated resident reminders - now in beta testing. 

With resident reminders we will automatically follow up with residents who do not have any insurance information on file in Buildium and ask them to provide proof of coverage so you don’t have to. 

What’s in the beta test: 

New renters insurance settings page where you can: 

  • Edit the interested party on all new renters insurance policies created
  • Turn resident reminders on or off 

Interested in trying it out? 

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