Announcing: Resident reminders for Renters Insurance, powered by MSI (BETA)

This feature is currently in beta testing and must be enabled in your account. To enable this feature, navigate to

  • Settings > Application settings > Beta features
  • Turn the toggle on in the Beta opt-in tool

Introducing Resident reminders for Renters Insurance, powered by MSI - Your automated solution for renters insurance. 

This new suite of features makes it easier to implement a renters insurance program or requirement for your residents by solving the number one pain point our customers identified: following up with residents to purchase a policy or provide proof of coverage.

Protecting your properties shouldn’t require endless phone calls, email follow-ups, and chasing your residents just to get a handful of them to get insurance coverage. To save you the headache and give you time back, we’re automating that process for you with resident reminders. Now Buildium will: 

  1. Automatically email residents who don’t have insurance information on file in Buildium once per week
  2. Remind residents who don’t have insurance information on file to either purchase a policy with MSI or provide proof of existing insurance when they visit the resident site
  3. All recent policy updates in the system will be delivered to you via a daily summary email if you so choose - updates will include new policies created, expired or cancelled policies and changes to coverage. 

We’ve also updated the settings for Renters insurance, powered by MSI to give you more flexibility to choose who the automatic interested party will be on new policies moving forward.


To get started:

  1. Turn on the beta via the Beta opt-in tool
  2. Navigate to Communication > Resident site settings > Value-add services: Renters insurance
  3. Take a look at your current settings. If you’d like to customize the interested party on your policies moving forward, please make changes and save.
  4. By opting into the beta the resident reminders feature will be turned on in this page. If you ever need to turn it off for some reason, you can do so via the toggle on this page.


When resident reminders are enabled, residents without an insurance policy on file in Buildium will receive the following email (which can be customized):




Additionally, residents will see a notice when they log into their resident site asking them to either purchase a policy or provide proof of insurance. Once they do, that information will be saved to Buildium.


If a resident dismisses the alert or doesn’t complete the action, they’ll continue to see a reminder in their resident site.


Once the resident has proof of coverage on file in Buildium, the reminders will automatically stop. 

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