HaveIBeenPwned helps identify weak passwords

In a continued effort to keep your Buildium account and passwords as secure as possible, we are integrating with HaveIBeenPwned. Now whenever you change your password, HaveIBeenPwned will cross reference your new password with against a known list of weak passwords.

NOTE: Your password is never transmitted to HaveIBeenPwned, rather we look up the password using a method that never reveals your password.

When resetting your password we will provide you with a password strength indicator, which will let you know if the password you are choosing is not strong enough. When we check your proposed new password, utilizing HaveIBeenPwned, you may receive a response explaining the password is still considered insecure, as illustrated by the below screenshot.



For more information on best practices for creating strong passwords please visit this Help article for additional information

Strong password best practices


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