Do I have to use MSI for renters insurance? 

  • No, you can have your residents sign up with any insurance provider you choose. You will be able to easily record that information on the lease summary page, or you can have your residents provide proof of coverage through the resident site and that information will automatically sync to your Buildium account.

When can my residents start purchasing polices through Renters Insurance, powered by MSI?

  • Residents can start purchasing new policies through the resident site starting August 20th, 2019.

Who is MSI?

  • MSI is one of the property management industry’s leading renters insurance providers. They are underwritten by three A-rated carriers and represent 10 million units nationwide. We partnered with MSI in order to create a more integrated renters insurance solution that takes policy management off of your plate.

Can my residents purchases an MSI policy before August 20th?

  • If you would like early access for your residents to start purchasing policies, please call Buildium customer support.

Can I sign up all of my tenants for new policies with buildium? 

  • So i’m assuming this is asking if you can purchase policies on behalf of your residents. And the answer to that is no. A policy can only be opened and purchased by the resident for legal reasons, they need to accept the terms in order to bind a policy.

What type of coverage is included in a policy through Buildium/MSI?

  • All Policies include personal property coverage to protect their belongings and residents can choose the level of personal property coverage they want, and every policy comes with 100K in liability coverage which includes guest medical expenses and emergency living expenses.

How much does it cost me for my residents to enroll in Renters insurance through buildium?

  • Renters Insurance, powered by MSI will cost you nothing. As i mentioned before We’ve taken you out of the billing process so all accounting and billing is done directly between the resident and our partner. Most people will see policies starting at around $12 a month, but that price can vary

How long does MSI coverage last, when does the policy expire?

  • All MSI policies are for 1 year and auto-renew at the end of that year.

Can residents who have already moved to purchase a policy? Or, does it have to happen at move-in?

  • Residents can purchase a policy at any time and it does not have to happen at move-in. 

What if I don’t want to offer Renters insurance powered by MSI to my residents?

  • You can opt out of this experience by navigating to the resident site setting page and under additional settings, switching the renters insurance toggle to “off”. With this setting off, your residents will not be able to purchase policies through the resident site. However they will still be able to provide you with proof of coverage through alternative providers through the resident site under my account.

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