Logging violations now makes you aware of recent violations logged against the selected homeowner to help prevent duplicate violation records from being created. We’ve also added links to take you to those or other violations on the owners’ account to help you take further action on an existing record.


When an owner has existing unresolved violations, you will see up to three of the most recent violations letting you know that the owner is a current offender, offering you the following options. 


  1. If one of the presented violations should be updated to the next stage instead of having a new violation record, click on one of the options to be taken to the violation record.

  2. If the owner has more than 3 violations and you would like to double check that a violation for the same offense hasn’t already been created for that owner, then click “View all violations on this account”. You will be taken to the unit’s ownership account page, where you can see all of the violations logged against the owner. If you need to log a new violation, you can use the “Log a violation” link above the violations list. 

  3. If you wish to continue and log a new violation, then click the “Log a new violation” button


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