Trouble shooting Remember Device for 2FA

If you find that choosing to "remember device" when logging in using two factor authentication is not working and you continue to have to authenticate at each log in, you may have an issue where an old version of the cookie that remembers your device is still in your browser. If this cookie is in your browser you will need to clear it in order to properly have your device remembered at login. 

  1. Clear your cache and cookies on the browser you use (ie Chrome, Firefox) will get rid of the bad cookie that is preventing your device from being remembered. Make sure you clear out the Cache and cookies for all time to ensure you clear the right one. If you are unsure how to do this, a quick google search should provide you with steps on how to clear the cache and cookies for your specific browser.
  2. Log out and log back in
  3. When you log back in it is going to ask you again for a 2FA code. You should enter the code and hit the remember device for thirty days and they should be all set.
  4. To make sure it works log out and log back in a second time and you should not be prompted for authentication.
Please make sure you follow the directions above completely. If they are not completed correctly this may not solve your issue.
Also, In the instance it still does not work something must be clearing your cookies on your browser automatically or is not saving cookies to begin with. Make sure you do not have any sort of anti-virus or extensions like Bit-Defender or any other blocker extensions on your browser  that would prevent a cookie from being saved and do not use use any incognito browser.

Note: If you don’t want to clear cookies then you can search for this cookie in your browser settings and delete this specific cookie 
  • TwoFactorCookie-{accountId}_{userId} 
Note: If you are using something that blocks or doesn’t remember cookies then you need to turn that off because our cookie is what remembers your device for 2FA login 
Note: If you have cookies turned off you can make an exception using this cookie in your browser settings: 
  • TwoFactorCookie-{accountId}_{userId})

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