Announcement : Recurring credit card transactions

We know how important it is for your residents to have flexible payment options when paying online, and also understand how helpful scheduled recurring payments are. Residents now have the ability to set up recurring credit card payments in their resident site.

With this added flexibility we aim to help you:

  • Reduce delinquencies
  • Increase your residents' use of their resident site
  • Increase your residents' overall satisfaction

Things to NOTE:

  • All residents who have a credit card payment method saved (from a previous one-time payment) will need to re-enter their credit card information.
  • This new recurring credit card payment function is only available on Buildium's New Resident Site

To set up a recurring credit card payment residents will:

  • Sign into their resident site
  • From their home page they will select Set up autopay


On the next page residents will enter:

  • Amount to pay
  • Payment method (credit card)
  • Billing address 
  • Payment date and frequency


Next residents with review the recurring payment date and amount to be paid:



Lastly residents will receive confirmation their scheduled payment has been saved:


Learn more about Buildium's New Resident Site

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