Allow administrators to skip two-factor authentication for staff members

When two-factor authentication blocks users from accessing their account, previously they would need to call into our Customer Care team and verify their identity over the phone.

The most common reasons we see are :

  • The user does not have access to their phone
  • The user now has a new phone number

Once the user's identity has been successfully verified by one of our Customer Care agents, the agent will allow the user to skip two-factor authentication for their next login.

We recognized that you, our Buildium client is in a better position to recognize whether a person on your team blocked by two-factor authentication, is who they say they are. So were are now granting users who have "edit user" permission, the ability to allow users blocked by two factor authentication into the system.

This shows up as a section on the staff member details page as well as a menu on the staff members page. Users should be able to verify the identity for the person who is blocked by two-factor authentication, and allow them into the system.

NOTE:With this update we will also be requiring two-factor authentication when users reset their password.


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