Every Buildium account comes with a free resident site, which is also known as the resident portal.

The resident site lets tenants (or association owners) view their financial transactions, submit maintenance requests, and make payments online.

In this article, you'll learn:

  1. About the resident site
  2. How to customize the resident site

1. About the resident site

Buildium's resident site lets tenants and association owners view their financial transactions, submit maintenance requests, and make payments online.

The resident site includes a payment history page, a requests page where residents can submit maintenance requests and general inquiries online, a contact directory and community discussions. For associations, there is an option to allow board members to run certain reports.

If your account is enabled for ePay, residents can use the resident site to log-in and pay their rent online.

A valid email is required in order to give a resident access to the resident site.

You can post important messages and announcements to the resident site, and have the option to send an email copy of the announcement to your residents, too.

The resident site is designed to be responsive on any device, which makes it easy for residents to pay rent or fees when on the go.


2. How to customize the resident site

The resident site settings allow a fine-tuned control over what your tenants and association owners see when they log into their resident site.

These settings can be overridden for an individual property by editing that property's details.

To customize your resident site: 

    1. Navigate to Communication > Resident site.
    2. You can enable the different resident site options by placing a check in the box next to each section.

      The Payment history setting has two special conditions. First, if your account allows epay, then the Payments tab on the resident site will always appear. Second, selecting the show payments only option will also hide the Balance Due from your residents.

      Please note, the Reports section only applies to Associations.

    3. You can also customize the color scheme of the resident site.


In addition, you can upload your own logo. For accounts with a logo currently uploaded, this will transfer over automatically. 


How can I learn more about using the resident portal?

Click here to learn how to invite your residents to use the resident site  


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