Whenever an applicant or new tenant is added to Buildium, marital status is an optional field you can select to complete in the tenant summary. As of March 19th 2019, we'll be removing the marital status option as a default field in Buildium. When you update an existing tenant’s information, this field will be removed.

At Buildium, we make it a priority to help our customers stay compliant with local, state, and federal housing legislation whenever possible. In a number of states, it's prohibited to make housing decisions based on marital status. Because storing this information could put you in conflict with such laws, we made the decision to remove the field completely.

We also value inclusivity and diversity as a companyand we've received strong feedback that limiting marital statuses to either “single” or “married” is just too narrow and is not inclusive of all potential statuses.

If you are concerned  about compliance with fair housing regulations, our Tenant Screening options powered by TransUnion come with accept/reject recommendations that follow fair housing laws. Click here to learn more.

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