We work hard to make sure our features are constantly improving to make running your business easier and more efficient. This page includes the latest new features, product improvements, and major bug fixes for the month of January:

Security Updates

reCaptcha for public site contact us form:  

As part of our continued effort to ensure that we keep your business and information safe and secure, we will be turning on invisible reCaptcha for the “contact us” form on all public sites by default. This will prevent bots from submitting through the contact us form and generating spam or messages containing malicious links or scripts.

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Mobile App Updates

Mobile Violations

We’ve made it easier than ever to log and track violations by bringing it to the mobile app. Create and update violations whenever and wherever you need to while you're out in the field.

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Communications updates

Phone call Logging

We are continuing to bring more functionality to the communications timeline in an effort to give you a full view into all of the communications and correspondence between your company, residents and owners. This month we added phone call logging to the communications timeline. Now you can create new call logs, or convert existing notes to phone call logs.

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ePay & Banking

ePay Charge Backs notifications

You will now be able to see when a chargeback is filed against a transaction on your Bank account within Buildium. The chargeback will show on the ledger and ePay activity report.

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Auto Bank Rec 30 Day restriction lifted

We’ve made it easier for you to get started with automatic bank reconciliation by lifting the 30 day restriction and allowing you to get started right away.  

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Auto Bank Rec error notifications

We’ve improved error messaging in the event that you need to relink your auto bank rec feeds if your banking credentials change. New error messages will inform you that you need to update bank account credentials or security authentication as needed in order to enable auto rec feed.

Coming Soon

Coming soon: New global late fees settings page (Beta)

We’re excited to announce the new global late fee policy page where you’ll be able to set two separate grace period rules. Giving you more flexibility with your late fee grace period policies and fees. This feature will be in beta testing in the coming weeks.    

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Coming Soon: Authentication Apps for 2FA  

In the coming weeks we will begin to support Authentication apps like Duo and Google Auth that will give you an alternative way to keep your account secure with two factor authentication. Stay tuned for more on this soon.



Incase you missed it

1099 e-Filing

1099 e-Filing is now open! Create and e-File your 1099s with Buildium in minutes instead of hours. E-File by January 31 to meet the IRS deadline

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Digital Copies

For the 2019 1099 filing season, you will be able to send digital copies along with the hard paper copy sent to recipients when you e-File, completely free of charge!

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