Announcement: Bill Approvals (Beta)

This feature is currently in Beta testing and must be enabled in your account. To enable this feature, navigate to 

  1. Settings >> Application Settings >> Beta features
  2. Switch the toggle is on in the new Beta opt-in tool. 

Introducing Bill Approvals

This new feature allows you to configure rules that prevent bills from being paid without an approval being recorded. Rules can be set at a global level to handle bills across your entire account or can be set at the property level.

To set up a global bill approval requirement, navigate to: 

  1. Accounting >> Bills
  2. Select Configure approvals
  3. Click "update policy"
  4. Enter the dollar amount that you would like to use to require approvals for bills to be paid.
  5. Click "update policy" 


Bill approvals is currently in beta testing and you can opt-in to test this feature and provide feedback from the new Beta features page in Buildium.

Learn More about Bill Approvals 




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