New Rent Page and Rent History

Coming Soon!

We’re excited to announce the new “Rent” page found under the financials of a lease. Now you can track changes to rent over time and make future rent adjustments.


To view rent and rent history:

  1. Go to rentals
  2. Rent roll
  3. Click into the lease
  4. Click the financials tab
  5. Click the rent page


With this update we will now track rent apart from the recurring charge hitting rent (any sub accounts of rent) which will allow you to view past, active/current and future rent amounts on the following:

  • Rent Roll page rent column
  • Lease/tenant/unit summary rent
  • Rent roll report current rent column

We’ve also introduced “effective dates" on the rent amounts which will allow us to accurately track and report on rent at any given time.  


Learn more about rent and rent history: 

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