Accepting credit card payments for rent or fees


Accepting credit card payments for rent or fees

Accepting credit card payments gives your residents flexibility and allows them to pay for rent or other fees even if they’re waiting on a paycheck—making it more likely that you’ll get your money on time and in full.

Accepting credit card payments is also incredibly convenient for your residents. With Buildium, we make it easy to set up and provide an easy way to cover the transaction costs of accepting credit card payments through convenience fees. Convenience fees pass on the cost of credit card or debit card transactions to the resident and make them hassle-free for you.

Accepting_Credit_Card_Payments.gifIf you’re already approved for ePay, turning on credit card functionality is simple.

  1. Navigate to Accounting > Banking.
  2. Then, click on the bank account that is set up for ePay.
  3. From the bank ledger page, click the ePay Settings tab.
  4. Next, select edit credit card to set up convenience fees for credit cards. You can choose to charge the resident the 2.75% fee to cover your costs. (learn more about ePay transaction costs)
  5. After you’ve set up fees and click save, select Edit ePay methods by property.
  6. Choose Edit ePay methods, and check the box under Credit Card for each property you want to enable, then click Save.

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