Announcement: Add Lease Improvements

Improvements to Add Lease Page

We're excited that we’ve made adding leases in Buildium even easier!


Aside from updating the look and feel, we’ve also introduced new features to improve the experience.

Signed and unsigned lease options

Our old leasing page gave you the option for an Executed, Draft, or eLease. We’ve updated the options to reflect their “signature status.”

  • If you have a lease already signed and ready to enable in the system, choose the “Signed” option (previously known as "Executed")
  • If you want to add a lease that’s still in progress or need to send out for signatures, choose the “Unsigned” option (previously known as “Draft” or “eLease”).



Lease Attachments

We understand that if you have a signed lease from a tenant, you may want to attach it to the lease in Buildium. Previously you could only do this from the Lease summary page. Now you can upload files to the lease while you are adding it!



Renters insurance

If you have Renters Insurance Plus, Buildium will now notify you that you don’t have Renters Insurance Plus turned on for a particular property while you are adding a lease, just in case you want to get that set up.

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