Setting Up Your Residents for Retail Cash Payments

Setting Up Your Residents After Approval

Once your bank account is approved, Buildium will send an approval email with a link to your Retail Cash Payments resident set up page in your account.

    • You can also access the resident page by navigating to Accounting > Banking, then selecting the Retail Cash Payments provisioned bank account. From the bank account summary page, click ePay settings and scroll down to Retail Cash Payments.
    • Click on the Set up your residents here link.

On the Retail Cash Payments resident page, find the resident you would like to enable to pay with Retail Cash.

    • Use the filter options to narrow down the list to find residents faster

Click on the quick menu (the circle with 3 dots) next to the resident (symbolized with ‘...’) and click Sign Up Resident, which will enable only that resident.



Once enabled, each resident will get an email and/or text from PayNearMe (based on what contact info is entered for them in Buildium) with instructions on how to get their PayCodes or PaySlips, and how to make a cash payment at their nearest available location.

Resident PayCodes and Payslips:

There are a few ways for your residents to get a PayCode or a Payslip:

Getting on-screen mobile PayCodes to make payments

  1. Residents can use links they receive from PayNearMe emails and/or texts on their mobile device

  2. Residents can log in to their Buildium resident portal on their mobile device and use the Get PayCode button in their account to choose their store and retrieve the PayCode for that store.

    • If residents are on a desktop or laptop, using the Get PayCode button will allow them to send the PayCode link to their mobile device by text or email.

Getting printed paper PaySlips to make payments

  1. Residents can log in (or staff user can “log in as resident”) to the Buildium resident portal to use the “Get PayCode” button on a laptop or desktop. This will offer the option to print out a universal PaySlip, which the resident can reuse at any retail location that accepts PayNearMe resident payments.

  2. Staff can find the resident in the Retail Cash Payments resident page and use the quick menu (the circle with three dots) for that resident to pull up the PaySlip and print it out.


Do residents get a receipt? 

If a resident paid with cash they will receive a printed receipt from the store cashier. They may also receive a digital version sent to their phone or email.

How can residents get help when they’re having trouble paying at the store?

Residents can:

  1. Call PayNearMe’s customer support number at (888) 714-0004

  2. Email

The resident should let PayNearMe’s help know which property management company they are trying to make a payment for, and that the PM company has a Buildium account.


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