Retail Cash Payments from Buildium

Buildium’s Retail Cash Payments, powered by PayNearMe

We’ve teamed up with PayNearMe to offer an integrated feature that allows residents to make rent and other payments in cash at one of over 20,000 convenient retail locations including Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, 7-Eleven, ACE Cash Express, and Casey's General Store.

Note: In order for current residents who already use Retail Cash Payments to start making new payments at Walmart or Walgreens, they will need an updated copy of their PaySlip that will now include their new PayCode. Please see Retail Cash Payments FAQ to learn more.

Property Managers who use Buildium’s PayNearMe integration will eliminate:

  • The need for residents to have bank accounts, credit cards, or identification in order to pay rent
  • Time spent each month collecting and depositing cash payments
  • Common risks associated with cash payment such as chargebacks, payment disputes, and internal or external theft.

Use the Payments Location Finder for a Buildium-specific map to find retail payment locations that are available to your residents.



When Buildium customers use PayNearMe along with ePay you are able to move to 100% of electronic payments, which enables you to move one step closer to automating your business.


Retail Cash Payments FAQ

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