What happens when a resident makes a Retail Cash Payment?

Completed cash Transactions

As soon as an in-store transaction is completed, resident payments will be recorded on their Buildium ledgers within 15 minutes of the transaction. That payment is guaranteed for your company - there is no risk of a chargeback or reversed payment.


Bank Deposit of Payments

Payments should arrive in your bank account within about 5 business days. If you click into the bank's register in Buildium, you will see "Pending Retail Cash" to let you know what's outstanding to be deposited into your account.



There is a new Transaction report in the Reports section called "Retail Cash Activity". You can use this to see all pending and funded transactions in your bank account

Residents can use their PayCodes up to 60 days after move-out to help PM’s with collections. The tokens will be disabled automatically after 60 days.

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