Announcement: Association Management Updates

Here at Buildium, we're committed to providing the best property management solution for all customers. That's why we're excited to announce new updates for customers who manage associations!

Share Violations with Owners in Their Portal Accounts

You can now share recorded violations and their documentation with the offending owners in the owner portal, alerting owners to the violation faster. This provides them with an easy way to view supporting documentation and gives them a full history of violation records.

There are a number of ways to share a violation.

  • To share a violation while logging, check off the Share to owner portal option before saving the record.
  • To share a violation after it has been recorded, use the quick menu. From any violation grid, use the quick menu (‘...’ button) on any record to Share with owner.


  • To share a violation after it has been recorded through the violation record itself, click Edit in violation header, and check the box that says Shared to owners portal, then click save.
  • To unshare a violation and remove it from an owners’ portal, find the specific violation record in any violation grid in your account. Then, click Edit in the violation header, and uncheck the box.


Share violations by default

We recommend turning this setting on if you are going to share most violations with your owners. When this setting is turned on, the Share to portal option for logging will be pre-set to on, saving you a click each time you log a violation. If you decided that you do not want a particular violation shared to the owner’s portal, simply uncheck the Share to portal option before saving the violation record.

To turn on this setting on globally for all your associations, navigate to Communications > Resident Site. In the Violations section, check off Share logged violations records to owners' accounts by default, then click save.

You can also change this setting separately for each association, which will override the global setting. To do so, navigate to Associations > Associations. Then, click on the association you would like to work with. From the association summary page, click Edit in the Association Owner Site Settings, and check off Share logged violations records to owners' accounts by default.


New Default Violation Stage Added: Owner Resolved

Many association managers allow their owners to self-report violations as resolved through email or phone communication. This new stage designation will allow users to mark violations as “Owner Resolved” in these cases.

To mark a violation as Owner Resolved, find the violation for which you would like to change the stage. Use the Update Stage action to find the Owner Resolved designation

What is the difference between the new Owner Resolved stage and the Resolved stage?

The Owner Resolved stage should be used for those violations for which you are satisfied with the owner’s communications about the resolution of their violations, but have not been verified by the appropriate staff.

We have visually flagged those violations that are in Owner Resolved to make it easy to keep track of which violations may need further resolution verification. Owner Resolved should be changed to Resolved once the resolution has been verified.

The Resolved stage should be used for those violations for which staff has confirmed and verified that a resolution to the violation has been satisfied completely through on-site visits, further supporting documentation from the owner, and so on.

Stay tuned...
We will be following up this release soon with the ability to allow association owners to resolve violations from their portal accounts to help reduce phone and email volume and automate the stage update process.

Board Members Report

The Board Member report allows users to pull lists of current, past, or future board members across all associations.

To run the Board Members report, navigate to Reports. Scroll to the Associations section, then click on Board Members.

Click here to learn more about tracking board members in Buildium.


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