We're excited to announce the addition of batched reports to Buildium!

Previously, if you wanted to share reports, you needed to click on each report, set the parameters and export one by one. This created a lot of repetitive work, especially if you were trying to prepare for a board meeting or send out rental owner statements. If you needed reports in a single document, you'd need to use a PDF editor to merge the reports together.

Now, you can create batched reports, which will help you save time by generating, sorting, and exporting multiple reports at once.


How to create batched reports


  1. Navigate to Reports
  2. Click on Batched reports
  3. Click Create new
  4. Select your properties or company
    • This will tell Buildium how to create the batch (by property, by rental owner, by a group...etc.)
  5. Then, click Next
  6. Select the reports you would like to include in the batch by clicking on the + icon
    • You can add multiples of the same report by clicking the + icon multiple times. This is so that you can include the same report run with different dates and compare periods.
    • You can select the order of the reports by dragging and dropping the report names in the selected reports column. This will tell the system in what order to run your reports and is especially helpful when merging the reports into a single pdf file.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Set the filters for each report.
    • You can also remove a report from this step by clicking the “x” in the top right corner if you decide it’s no longer needed in the batch.
  9. Click Next
  10. Select an export option
    • Consolidate PDFs will merge all reports for a given entity into a single PDF file
    • Separate PDFs will generate a single report in it’s own PDF file and merge all reports for that entity into a zip file that can be easily shared.
  11. Click Generate


Viewing and downloading recent batches of reports

You can view your recently batched reports by: 

  1. Navigate to Reports
  2. Click Batched reports
  3. Then, click View recent

This page will show you batches of reports you have recently generated. We will display the type of batch that was created, the date and time it started generating by the system and the status of the batch.

When a batch is queued to begin generating or in generating status, you can opt into an email notification by clicking on “Email me when ready”. Feel free to move onto other tasks while we are generating your reports. We will send you an email when they are ready to download.

When a batch is in ready status, you will see the option to download these reports to your computer.

Once a batch is ready to download, you will have 24 hours to download it to your computer. After 24 hours the batch will be deleted.

Please note: this feature is not designed for file storage. We encourage you to download the batch as soon as they are ready.

If a batch fails to download for any reason, you will receive an email notification letting you know we were unable to generate the batch,

Why is one of my batches missing a report?

Some common reasons a report was skipped in a batch are hitting the 5,000 transaction limit. This may happen on reports that contain a lot of detail when running for a wide date range. The report may not have any data to show. For an example, you run a delinquent report and you do not have any delinquencies at that time you will not receive this report.

We will provide a .txt file that will contain a summary of any reports that were skipped when generating.

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