Announcement: Naming board member positions and Violation tracking improvements

We're excited to announce more improvements to Association management in Buildium! We've added the ability to name board member positions, and implemented some improvements to our violation tracking feature.

Naming board member positions

As you add new association owners to Buildium, you can now specify which position on the board an association owner holds when designating them as a board member. We've provided a list of the most common board member positions as default selections.

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Board Member (Generic)

All existing association owners that are currently designated as board members in Buildium will hold a generic Board member position title. You will need to edit the association owner record to change that position.

  1. Navigate to Associations > Association owners.
  2. Click on the association owner you want to designate a position for.
  3. Click Edit by the owner's name. 
  4. Make sure the Board member box is checked, then select the position the board member holds.
  5. Add seat dates for which the owner held the position, then click Save.



View and Log Violations at the ownership account summary level 

You can now view and log violations at the ownership account summary level.
The ownership account summary violation grid will show up to 5 violations for that ownership account by default. Click More violations at the bottom of the list to see the next five that have been recorded for that ownership account. 
If an ownership account has a large number of violations and you need to filter the list down, you'll want to view those violations on the account view, by navigating to Associations > Violations and using the filters available. You can also view them from the association level violation view, by navigating to Associations > Associations, then selecting the association and clicking on the Violations tab.

Edit violations

We've also fixed a bug that prevented logged violations from being edited. 
To edit violation information, click into a violation from any violation grid. Use the Edit option at the top of the violation record, then make any necessary changes.

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