Announcement: Reporting enhancements

We've heard you loud and clear—grid lines make it easier to read a report.

That's why based on customer feedback, we're excited to re-introduce grid lines to reports! 

Now, when you view a report in-app, grid lines will appear on reports that previously had them.

If you're printing or emailing a report, you'll be able to select whether you want grid lines by using a checkbox. The system will save your preference for the next time you print or email.


In addition to grid lines, 12 new reports can now be viewed within Buildium, instead of having to download or export.

The 12 reports that can now be run in-app are:

  1. Cash Flow Statement
  2. Cash Flow Statement Consolidated
  3. Tenant Notes
  4. Tenant Vehicles
  5. Association Owner Notes
  6. Recurring Charges
  7. Bank Transactions
  8. Check Detail
  9. Unpaid Bills by Property
  10. Unpaid Bills by Vendor
  11. Bank Account Balance Breakdown
  12. Association Owner Statement 

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