Announcement: Introducing timeline views for tenants and association owners

We're excited to introduce timeline activity views for tenant and association owner emails! This is the first step towards creating an easy-to-use communication hub, where you can keep all contact records for a resident in one place.

Previously, in order to view an email related to a specific person you had to navigate to Communications > Emails to search through all emails sent out of the system. This was not only time-consuming but didn't allow you to view a complete story of interactions with that specific person, either.

Now, when you navigate to the profile summary page for any tenant or association owner, you'll see a communication tab which features all emails that have been sent to that person. Think of it like pulling out a manila folder on that person and looking through the notes.

Once you're on a tenant or association owner's timeline, you can filter the emails by Date or Sender. You can also search by subject line.

You can email a resident directly from this page by clicking Compose email, or send a text by clicking the Send message option in the contact card on the right side of the screen.

NOTE: If the tenant existed in the system prior to the storage of email content, you'll see a special card indicating that emails prior to that date are not available on the timeline.


The resident timeline view page is just the beginning. In the coming months, we’ll be adding the same view for leases and ownership accounts, and for rental owners and vendors, too. We’ll also be adding more types of communication by the end of the year - including text messages, logged phone calls, and more.

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