Announcement: Updates to Violation Tracking

We're excited to announce improvements to the violation tracking workflow for associations. We've added updates to both violation management, and improvements to the logging and tracking process itself.

The following updates have made:

  1. Violations dashboard card
  2. Account level violations view
  3. Violation date updates
  4. Deadline and stage setting
  5. Deleting categories or types
  6. Violation documentation

1. Violations dashboard card

Our new violation dashboard widget lets you get a glimpse of how many outstanding or overdue violations there are for each property right from your homepage!

Click on a specific property for a more detailed view of that property, or use the “View all” link to go to your account level violations grid.

If you do not see the Violation dashboard card in your account, use the customize dashboard option on the home page to add it.

Users will only see information relating to properties they have permission to see.


2. Account level violations view

The account level grid for violations offers a bird’s eye view for you to get an overall health check and manage violations across all properties in your Buildium account.   

You can access the account level view by navigating to Associations > Violations (which is a new menu item) or you can use the View all option in the violations dashboard widget on your homepage.

Users will only see information relating to properties they have permission to see.

If you would like to manage categories and types, you still need to visit the Violations tab in the specific association for which you would like to edit that list, as categories and types are specific to each association.

3. Violation date updates

The biggest change you’ll see when logging violations is the ability to add your own “Violation Date” when logging, which allows you to backdate any violation to the time it actually incurred. Previously, we were only displaying the "Date created” for each violation, and have made this change based on customer feedback.

You’ll also notice the “Violation Date” columns in your Account level and Association-specific grids for violations now reflect the actual date of the violation, instead of the date the violation was logged.

4. Deadline and stage setting

We now allow you to set the violation stage while logging.

We now allow you to set the deadline for resolution while logging.


5. Deleting Categories and Types

We now allow you to delete violation categories and types per association.

To delete a category or type:

  1. Navigate to Associations>Associations.
  2. Then, select the association where you would like to delete the category or type.
  3. From the association summary page, click the violations tab, then select Manage Categories.
  4. Use the quick menu (the circle with three dots) for the specific category or type you would like to delete, choose the new Delete option, then confirm the deletion.  

Only categories and types that do not have any violation records using them can be deleted. You will first need to delete any related violations before you can delete a category or type.

6. Violation Documentation

We now allow you to add file types other than photos to document violations. To update a violation record with further documentation, navigate to Associations > Violations. Then, click on the violation record you'd like to work with, and use the Add function in the Documentation area of the record.

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