Announcement: New and improved task interface

We're excited to announce a new and improved task interface! Task information, including the property address, will now be easily available. We're also tracking more actions on each task, so the history of events is more accurate.


Previously, the task detail screen was confusing in its layout. Important information for each task wasn't easily available. We also didn’t provide the address of a property associated with a task easily, or leverage displaying photos/files associated with a task in a modern, easy way.

Below are some of the changes we've made:

  • Visual refresh of tasks:
    • We changed the way the layout of tasks is presented. 
  • Improved the way we display task information and task updates:
    • Added fields for a task created, updated, and due, all at the top of the task.
  • Added shortcut actions for changing status, due date and assignee
  • Added a section with the property address and link to map view, without having to create a work order:
    • Put property address on task, not just work order
    • Created a google maps section
  • Added photo/file gallery for each task
    • Better gallery functionality

We've also created a better view of tracking task updates.

  • Each update will include an icon marker for quick reference about what was changed.

Task Item


Status Colored Dot
Due date Calendar
Assigned to Person
Message update Conversation bubble
Photo/File Photo
Work Order Wrench
Emailed work order Email
Bill created or deleted Bill
Multiple items updated Clipboard

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