Announcement: Outstanding Balances by General Ledger Account

Buildium offers an Outstanding balances page under the Rentals menu and Associations menu. This page quickly shows which leases and ownership accounts have an outstanding balance as of today.

Previously, our outstanding balances pages would only show the total amount outstanding for each resident. We've now added a way to view a breakdown of this total (accounts receivable) by general ledger account so that you can get a better idea of the exact items each resident owes. 

With this improvement, you can expand the total outstanding amount by clicking on the + icon to the left of each lease, or expand all by clicking on the + icon in the header. Expanding the balances allows you to see the amount outstanding on each lease by general ledger account.


If you need a report that shows a list of residents who owe a specific fee type like late fees, a repair or rent/dues, simply export from this page and use a filter in Excel on the “GL Account” column.

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