Announcement: Violation Status Report

The Violation Status Report is a helpful tool for your staff and your board members to review the status of violations that were logged, closed, or remained open during a particular date range.


For Staff Member Users

The report can be found by navigating to the Reports page, then scrolling down to the Associations section.  

You can run the report for all associations under management together to get a more holistic view of how your company is handling violations, or run the report for specific associations to give to board members at your monthly meetings.

For Board Member Users

You have option to allow Board Members to pull the Violation Status Report for themselves at any time. 

First, make sure you have turned on the ability for your board members to run reports by navigating to Communications > Resident Site.

On the Resident Site Settings page, check the allow board members to run reports box.

The list of reports you can allow them to run will appear. Ensure that the box next to Violations is checked off.

Article #: 360001695971

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