Announcement: Search and filter shared files in the resident portal

When you share a file with a tenant or a homeowner, it shows up in the Documents section of their resident portal.

Easy to see on desktop or mobile device, portal users can now filter down the list of shared files in a number of ways.


Filter by File Name or Description

Simply start typing part of the file name & description search bar. The list will filter down immediately to narrow down their choices based on the text entered.

Filter by Category or Shared Date Range

Portal users can also filter by file category or a date range when the file was shared with them by clicking on the filter icon next to the search bar. When the user clicks on an option, the option will show above the list under the search bar. Click on the filter icon again to filter the list by more than one category or share date range.

Removing a Category or Shared Date filter

The user will see their selected filter options under the search bar. Simply click or press on the ‘x’ to remove the filter. The filtered files will be added back to the list.

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