Announcement: Create default general ledger accounts as sub-accounts

Buildium default accounts are general ledger accounts that are tied to a particular action and have certain restrictions on what you can do with them. For example, when you click "record contribution", the transaction is automatically allocated to the owner contribution equity account. Previously, you could not designate any default account in Buildium as the sub account of something else.

Now, you can control how the general ledger accounts are organized in certain reports by creating parent accounts with sub accounts listed below the parent account.  

To make a default account a sub account:

  1. Navigate to Accounting > Chart of accounts.
  2. Then, click into the default account you want to designate as a sub account.
  3. You can select another general ledger account that is the same account type as it's parent account under the Sub account of field.
  4. When you run an income statement, you will see the parent account with the sub account on the line below indented. We also show a sub total for each parent account on the report.


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